Columbia Sites 1.73

January 09, 2018

New Stuff

  1. Similar to Local Alerts, Global Alerts are enabled across all Columbia Sites websites. Global Alerts are managed by the Columbia Emergency Management Operations Team and are sent only in case of a life-threatening emergency. In such situations, the alerts will appear as a bright, red banner at the top of all webpages on your site.
  2. Now you can add a Video to Sidebar.
  3. We made it harder to accidentally delete pages by creating a stronger visual (but fully accessible) warning.

Bug Zapper

  1. Fixed an issue causing Icon Card titles to wrap inappropriately in IE 11.
  2. Fixed a problem causing broken links when content managers clicked “edit” on individual Service pages.
  3. Improved mobile user experience to allow users to close the menu by clicking anywhere outside the menu window.
  4. Fixed a problem causing broken links on the Services landing page to individual Service pages.