Redirect URLs

There may be times when you want a URL to re-direct and open a different URL. You are able to re-direct any URL within the same domain.

Scenarios for creating re-directs:

  • Perhaps the site navigation is changing and the URL for given information has shifted.  A re-direct can be created so users typing in the original URL still get to the content on the updated URL.
  • If you have a campaign to promote a page on the site, you can create whatever snappy URL name you want and then re-direct it to the correct page.

IMPORTANT: You can only set re-directs originating from YOUR site


1. Click Shortcuts > Redirects

2. Click the button +Add redirect

click button +Add redirect

3. Enter the path for the URL you want to re-direct.  This is the link that users click or type into the URL bar.

enter in path field

4. Enter in the page you want the user to land on when they click the link above.


  • The page you want re-directed CANNOT exist on your site. For example, if you want to redirect there cannot be a page created for
  • Setting redirects to a different website: type in the full URL for the external site you want to redirect the page
  • Setting redirects to internal pages: type in the name of the page in the To field and select the list of pages suggested from the system. Do not manually type in anything to prevent error.
  • Setting redirects for a document: the To field must contain the machine name.  To find the machine name for a document do to the document page and go into edit mode. The URL now displays the machine name for you to copy and paste into the To field. (do not include the /edit text)
machine name for URL