Four methods for creating events

calendar icon
Import your personal Bedework event calendar

Use this to import your Bedework calendar containing events not listed on the public university calendar.

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Import events listed on the public Columbia event calendar

Use this method to display events from the public university calendar.

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Create events directly in your site

Use this if you do not have a Bedework calendar. 

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Use an RSS feed from another Columbia calendar

Use this to display a specific grouping of events from another department.

Display Events

calendar icon
Display all events

This view is good for the Event Landing Page.

The left side of the screen shows upcoming events and the right shows past. If no events are upcoming, the past events will display in the main part of the screen.

ellipsis-h icon
Display three upcoming events

This feed is good for embedding into a landing page of a section, or the Home Page.

This will display the three most upcoming events. If there are more than three upcoming events, an automatic All Events button will display taking users to the full calendar.