Decision Tree

**Available on the Administrative model.

The Decision Tree module allows users to view information depending how they answered a set of questions. Additionally, each question in the decision tree can lead to different questions depending on the response of the previous question ultimately exposing very specific information relevant to how users answered the questions. 

See an example


  • From the Add Content menu select Decision Tree

    interface to add Decision Tree
  • Enter Title

    You can optionally enter in a description. If entered, it only displays on the first question. Once the user answers the first question the description is hidden. (The title remains visible for the entire set of questions in the Decision Tree.)

    interface to add a title and description
    rendering of the title and description
  • Enter in the branch title

    The branch title becomes the question for the user to answer

    Optional: enter in the branch text. This renders as descriptive text for the branch title

    interface to add in branch title and text
    rendering of branch title and text
  • Enter the answers to the question entered in step 2

    • Each answer renders as a button.
    • For each answer, click Confirm new branch to get another slot to enter another answer.
    • Use the arrows on the right to order the buttons.
    interface for adding answer buttons to the question
    rendering of the answers as buttons
  • Create the next branch for each answer

    Click the answer button for which you want to create a follow up question

    interface selecting an answer
  • Repeat steps 3-4 above to create the new set of question / answers

    interface to add more questions and answers
    rendering of the second question and answers

    IMPORTANT: You can easily access the branch to which you want to create another set of question / answers by clicking on the branch. This activates that branch for you to add another set of questions / answers.

    interface for selecting branch
    interface to add another set of question/answers
    rendered text

    NOTE: in this example, the decision tree for this branch is done; no Starbucks is allowed today. So, no branches need to be added since there are no more answers to create.

Add Existing Branch

Imagine a branch (which can be a bunch of question and answers) has been created already in the Decision Tree and you want to "repeat" this entire branch in another position in the Decision Tree. Branches previously created branches can be referenced and used any place in the tree. 

  • Using the example from above, add another branch

    interface for adding additional branch
  • Click Add Existing Branch to link to another branch previously created

    interface to add existing branch
  • Start typing into the field "Enter button title for existing branch here"

    Once you type into this field a dropdown of all previously created branches will become visible.

    field to type into
  • Select an existing branch from the dropdown

    interface to activate dropdown

    Now everything set for the existing branch will live in this position of the tree.

    NOTE: The IDs in the dropdown mirror the IDs in the Decision Tree Branches at the bottom of the page for convenience.

    existing  branch IDs listing