Past Events

The Past Event feature allows content managers to create a page that lists only past events.

The Past Event page is created automatically and works in tandem with your Upcoming Events module:

On the Event module, there is a button on the bottom of the right-hand column to view past events:

interface for past event button

By default, this button takes users to a page listing out past events. 

A site administrator is able to set the number of past events listed on this page.

Setting which past events are displayed

  • Go to Site Settings > Content

    From here you can see the Past Event settings

    interface to see past event settings
  • From here there are 3 different display criteria

    1. Display All Past Events
      • displays all events ever created for your site
    2. Limit by Relative Date
      • displays events limited to the selected amount of time, by months or years
    3. Limit by Max Count
      • displays events up to the number entered, regardless of relative date
    interface for display criteria

    NOTE: if multiple past event pages are created, all will adhere to these display criteria; different display criteria cannot be set per past event listing page.

Setting up a Landing Page to display past events

Be default, Columbia Sites has a Past Event page created that you can manipulate with the steps above. Should another Landing Page for past events be needed, here's what to do: